Myths and Misconceptions about CrossFit

“My neighbor’s husband’s best friends cousin said that CrossFit is dangerous.”
Crossfit is a lot of things – fun, challenging, different, and full of variety are just some of them.  You’ll try many new things in CrossFit and move your body in ways you maybe haven’t before.  While some of the movements may seem challenging, you will never be asked to do anything “dangerous”. The coaches at CrossFit Khrusos closely watch all our athletes to ensure everyone is working out in a safe way.  We scale movements as needed, and offer alternatives for beginners, athletes with injuries, and all levels of fitness.  You should never be afraid to join in the fun!


“I could never do that movement (fill in the blank here).  It’s way too hard.”
We never said improving your physical fitness wouldn’t be challenging!  That said, CrossFit is a progression in types of movement, intensity, and endurance.  We all have to start somewhere, and we all have personal strengths and areas of improvement.  Our coaches will teach and demonstrate movements and exercises so you will feel comfortable in taking the next step toward a more challenging movement.  If you like to learn new ways to challenge your body, set personal goals, and track improvement, then CrossFit is a great fit for you.  If you just want to come hang out with cool people and get your sweat on, then CrossFit is for you too!


“I don’t want to get huge muscles by lifting weights.”
We do lift weights at CrossFit Khrusos.  And we have a lot of fun doing it!  Strength training has many benefits – protects bone health and muscle mass, increases your resting metabolism which could benefit weight loss, promotes balance, coordination and posture, and elevates endorphins, which affect your energy and mood.1  We do many other things in addition to strength training so getting huge muscles probably won’t happen all on its own.  And besides, strong is healthy!


-Coach Sarah White

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