Coach Travis’ thoughts on The Open

This Open season is almost over. It has been hard, none of my strengths put together, in an ideal amount of time for me. Fitness and life are very similar in that regard. Life doesn’t care how your day went or what time you left work or your quality of sleep. And so you prepare for life as best you can – life tries to beat you down – but you keep coming back.

Your general physical preparedness (fitness) doesn’t care either. If you think 19.1 is going to be easier…well it won’t be. We don’t want it to be easier. This is a great opportunity for me to look in the mirror and give myself an honest assessment. I know what I need to do to prepare…and it starts today and continues every day.

Mistakes, slip ups, and missed days will all happen. But, I will be back, along with my fellow athletes at Khrusos, and we will get better. Here’s to ever changing standards, harder WODS and whole bunch of fun along the way.

The road to the 2019 Open starts today.

2 thoughts on “Coach Travis’ thoughts on The Open”

  1. One of greatest, inspiring coaches at Khrusos! I have a love/hate relationship with Khrusos, I hate the workouts and I love our gym. Everyday I leave knowing I have accomplished something. Never looking back!

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