Myths and Misconceptions about CrossFit

“My neighbor’s husband’s best friends cousin said that CrossFit is dangerous.” Crossfit is a lot of things – fun, challenging, different, and full of variety are just some of them.  You’ll try many new things in CrossFit and move your body in ways you maybe haven’t before.  While some of the movements may seem challenging,

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We are Khrusos

We are a family owned CrossFit gym in the heart of Papillion, Nebraska. We chose our name for a very specific reason. Here is the definition of Khrusos: Khrusos – Anything in the process of developing. [from Latin chrysallis, from Greek khrusallis, from khrusos meaning gold. As Papillion means “butterfly”, chrysalis is the perfect description

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Who says working out can’t be fun!!

This week’s challenge…post your fave goody workout pics, tag CrossFit Khrusos…and we will choose a winner who will get a free post workout treat!! Ready, set go!!!!

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