About Us

What CrossFit Khrusos Means for YOU:

The community and gym’s culture is what sets us apart. The athletes we train are real and genuine people, the average joes that want to get their workout on. The atmosphere is fun and gregarious and the workouts are hard nosed. We are not only burning calories for the sake of burning calories, but rather getting people to develop new/better capabilities. We don’t care where you start, we care about your desire to play hard and the work you put in in order to better yourself. The vibe is very similar to a collegiate athletic team, we are all a close knit family that are all progressing toward a common goal (getting more awesome). We are never pretentious and at times against the grain of new school CrossFit. Just a bunch of good dudes (mostly soccer moms, but they are dudes too) picking up weights and getting out of breath. The coaches truly care about the athletes and won’t be found playing candy crush while the athletes are playing (working out). The coaches are friendly and have a true passion to get their athletes stronger, faster better, more awesome. We use improper english a lot, words like awesomer, betterest, etc.